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Why does my bulk tank bleed off constantly?

  • Liquid nitrogen boils at minus 320oF. It is always boiling in your tank causing pressure to rise and to vent off.

How much does tank bleed off cost me?

  • The average bulk tank vents off 2% of the tank volume capability per day. On a 10,000 gal tank that would be 200 gal or 186 ccf every day. At $0.50 ccf that would be $33,945.00 a year.

What is the actual cost of liquid nitrogen?

  • Bulk liquid nitrogen cost + Tank Rental + Hazmat Fees + Delivery Charges = Actual Cost
  • Cost of installing a slab for the tank.

How can a PMG nitrogen gas generator benefit me?

  • Convenient, secure supply of the nitrogen you need is always available on demand, 24 hours a day, eliminating the risk of lost production.
  • Delivery of the nitrogen purity that your application needs.
  • The compact design means that installation takes up less floor space than other systems, and fits through a standard doorway.
  • Cost savings from on premise nitrogen gas generation can significantly cut operating costs. No tank rental fees, no delivery surcharges, no hazmat fees, price increases and no costly tank bleed off.

How much can I save with a PMG generator?

  • We see customers generating their own nitrogen at $0.12 ccf.