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Fizz Industrial offers advanced industrial gas supply systems and associated equipment with our in house gas generators and bulk storage systems. Whether it’s for prepared food packaging, modified atmosphere package (MAP), chemical processing, pharmaceutical, electronics packaging, beer brewing or meat packaging, Fizz Ind has the solution. We offer safe, reliable and secure supplies of nitrogen, CO2, oxygen, hydrogen and argon.

How it Works: Nitrogen Generator


Fizz Industrial’s nitrogen generators operate off the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) principle to create its continues flow of nitrogen gas from a compressed air source. Our nitrogen generators twin aluminum columns are filled with carbon molecular sieve (CMS) that separates the nitrogen from the other gases in the compressed air supply. At the beginning of the process, treated compressed air enters the bottom of the active column on the nitrogen generator and flows upward through the CMS. Nitrogen molecules pass by the CMS while Oxygen and the trace gases are adsorbed into the CMS. At the end of a timed cycle the active columns discharge the Oxygen and trace gases in the regenerative mode while its twin column becomes activated and starts the process of separation on the opposite side of the nitrogen generator.

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Our systems can be designed to replace almost all high pressure and bulk gas tanks and flow requirements.


Beverage Dispense

Nitro-Draught is a line of nitrogen generators for beer, wine, coffee, liquor and soda dispense systems.

Food Packaging

Nitrogen gas has been used for decades in the food packaging industry to help preserve the freshness, integrity, and quality of the packaged product.  Nitrogen can provide benefits in main packaging types: Bags, Bottles, Cans, Boxes and Plastic containers

Lab Gas Generators LabPlus Nitrogen Gas Generators

LabPlus, is the latest range of PSA
gas generators from Fizz Lab Services.
Utilizing the reliable and efficient
PSA technique of separating
Nitrogen and Oxygen is used to
produce high quality Nitrogen Gas
at various flows and purities.

MAP Nitrogen Generator

Our nitrogen generators allow you to be able to produce the nitrogen that is needed for the MAP process and still keep control of your production costs. PMG manufactures many sizes of nitrogen generators that can meet any need. Contact us today to find out how to take control of your nitrogen cost.

Optics and Nitrogen Generators

Optical instruments are filled with nitrogen gas to prevent the entrance of moisture and internal fogging of the optics. In addition, filling with nitrogen gas prevents fungus growth which can etch the glass surface and destroy the optics. Our PSA nitrogen generators provide the highest level of nitrogen purity to insure the quality of the optic fill and reduce the chances of moisture of fogging.

Military Applications Nitrogen Generator

The United States Marine Corp is using PMG Industries high pressure nitrogen generator to charge cylinders for the recoil systems for the M-777 field howitzers. The nitrogen generator allows the Marines to have a sustainable supply of pure nitrogen gas to reduce moisture in the recoil system and the flexibility to charge as they need without waste.


Aluminum Extrusion

During aluminum extrusion, high temperatures often cause aluminum oxide to form on the surface of the dies, causing imperfections in the newly formed piece. This damage can cause increased tooling costs, higher maintenance costs and requirements, extended downtime and lost productivity. This damage can also leave the part useless, due to weakness within the material or non-compliance to the original design specification. Using nitrogen to degas the aluminum during the extrusion process removes oxygen and assists die cooling, which improves consistency, yields less scrap and produces high quality finished products.

Coffee Packing

PMG's nitrogen generators preserve the aromas and extend the shelf-life of the coffee with guaranteed 99.8% minimum purity in all ambient temperatures using an after cooler stabilize the compressed air.

Plastic Welding

Welding with nitrogen gas creates the strongest welds possible because it eliminates oxidisation of the plastic during the welding process.  We also manufacturer air dryers that can be used to maintain consistent temperatures between welds.  Nitrogen systems make for quick and easy repairs to fine plastic items and heavy duty automotive applications.  Using N2 also minimizes damage to localized painted surfaces.  Most welder manufacturers recommend a min. purity of 97%. Using shop air can introduce oils and particulates that will degrade the welds and welder over time.